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Serious Pig Snacking Pickles
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About Us

Pretty Pickled is a one woman business and yes it feels strange always writing in third person! 

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Ailidh (pronounced Ay-lee) and I enjoy eating food and writing food puns probably more than your average person. I'm also a basic tee lover and whenever I'm heading out to a restaurant or a bar, that'll be my standard get-up.

A plain t-shirt doesn't always cut it though. There are occasions that warrant a little more pizzazz and equally there are days when I'd rather let my clothes do all the talking (this one's a glimpse into my demeanor, this one's usually a big hint that I'm hungover and, of course, you can bet that my bag is always full of snacks). 

You can probably tell, but I'm also big on sustainability. It took me months and months to research and source the best sustainable materials and packaging.

Pretty Pickled is the eco-friendly and effortlessly cool business (right? please tell me it's cool!!) that I've always dreamed of starting. On June 23rd 2021 we launched with the aim to save the planet one tasty tee at a time and I can't thank you enough for joining me on this whirlwind journey. 

I really hope you enjoy shopping here and find something that you like, either for yourself or as a present. If you crack a smile in the process, that's even better. 

If you'd like to say hi or make a product request please email me at I'm doing everything from the packing and posting to feeding those hungry social media channels and swimming in admin, but I'll always find time for a chit chat. 

Thank you for all your support,